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Anker PowerPort 10 W Wireless Charging Pad AK-A2513011

Anker PowerPort 10 W Wireless Charging Pad AK-A2513011

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This Anker PowerPort 10 charger enables wireless charging, allowing you to power up your device seamlessly without any cables. Simply place your phone on the charging pad. It boasts a sleek, stylish design in black.

How to Use For charging, remove any protective covers from your phone and gently set it on the charging pad, which is connected to power via a micro USB cable.

Dual Charging Modes

  • Fast Charge Mode: Provides 10W power, suitable for the latest smartphones and compatible with Quick 3.0 Anker charger.
  • Normal Charge Mode: Supports a standard 5W charging for other devices.

Design and Build

  • Slim and Portable: Its slim design makes it easy to carry and convenient to place on a desk or table.
  • Non-Slip Pad: Features a thermoplastic elastomer with a non-slip surface, ensuring the charger stays firmly in place.

Stylish Aesthetics The charger's design is both elegant and contemporary, complementing modern smartphones.

Safety Features Equipped with advanced safety mechanisms like temperature control and protection against power surges, voltage issues, ensuring your smartphone's safety during charging.

Charging Status Indicator An unobtrusive LED indicator efficiently signals when charging is complete, enhancing the charger's energy efficiency.

Alignment for Optimal Charging For best results, align your smartphone correctly on the charging pad to ensure efficient and uninterrupted charging.

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