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Logitech K350 Wave Ergonomic Keyboard with Unifying Wireless Technology - Black

Logitech K350 Wave Ergonomic Keyboard with Unifying Wireless Technology - Black

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The Logitech K350 Wave Keyboard is designed to offer both comfort and efficiency for extended typing sessions. Here's a detailed overview of its features and functionalities:

Ergonomic Design Elements:

  1. Comfort Curve: The K350 Wave features a dynamic curved design, which combines the ergonomic benefits of a wave-shaped keyframe with the familiarity of a traditional straight keyboard layout.

  2. Cushioned, Contoured Palm Rest: The keyboard includes a palm rest that is both cushioned and contoured. This design helps position your hands comfortably on the keyboard and provides a relaxing place for your palms during breaks in typing.

  3. Constant Curve: The curved profile of the K350 is designed to maintain a consistent shape and key size across the keyboard. This allows for comfortable and confident typing without the need to relearn key placements.

Functionality and Convenience:

  1. Extended Battery Life: The K350 boasts a three-year keyboard battery life, reducing the frequency of battery changes. This estimate is based on approximately 2,000,000 keystrokes per year in an office environment, though actual user experience may vary.

  2. Easy Connectivity: The keyboard utilizes the Logitech Unifying receiver, which is a small USB receiver that can be plugged into a notebook and left there. This receiver allows for easy connection and the ability to add more compatible devices.

  3. Programmable Keys: The K350 features programmable F-keys, which can be customized to open your favorite applications, folders, or web pages. This customization requires the Logitech SetPoint software, which is included with the keyboard purchase and available for download.

Software and Compatibility:

  • SetPoint Software: The K350's programmable keys require Logitech SetPoint software, which is compatible with Windows operating systems. This software enhances the functionality of the keyboard by enabling the customization of shortcuts, hot keys, and programmable buttons.

Summary: The Logitech K350 Wave Keyboard is ideal for users seeking an ergonomically designed keyboard that reduces strain and enhances comfort during prolonged typing. Its combination of a cushioned palm rest, constant curve design, extended battery life, and programmable keys makes it a practical choice for both office and home environments. The ease of connectivity and potential for customization further add to its appeal for a wide range of users.

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