About Us

Derived from a term that signifies ‘different’ or ‘unique’ in its essence, ‘Hatke’ embodies the spirit of standing out, making our brand truly distinctive. In the landscape of commerce, we are the touchstone for exclusive deals and unparalleled discounts. At Hatke, we don’t just promise variety; we deliver a curated shopping experience that thrives on the pillar of affordability. With each offer, we reinforce our commitment to bringing you the most compelling bargains, because here, it's not just shopping—it's about discovering a deal that's as exceptional and distinct as you are.

At Hatke, we are committed to delivering quality and diversity in our products, ranging from electronics to home & garden essentials, and many more. Your satisfaction is at the core of our business philosophy.

Our journey began as a whisper of innovation, a word-of-mouth revelation among those who seek the extraordinary. As our community grew, so did our presence, blossoming from spirited conversations to a thriving hub on social media platforms. Today, Hatke is not just a marketplace for exclusive deals and unmatched discounts but also a thriving community for those who value quality and seek outstanding value.

The art of the deal is in the delight it brings. At Hatke, we go beyond the usual hustle of discounts and sales. Our approach is both strategic and customer-centric. We negotiate, scout, compare, and bring you deals. These aren’t just financially rewarding; they also earn the ‘Hatke’ stamp of approval.

Our vision is to become the premier destination for shoppers who seek products that break the mold—those who look beyond the conventional and demand something truly remarkable. Hatke envisions a marketplace where every deal is handpicked, reflecting the best in both innovation and value.

Email: support@hatke.co.in

Call Us : +91 08062179592

Address: 2nd Main St & 1st Cross Rd, Benson Town, 560045 Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Open: Mon - Fri: 11:00 Am-17:00 Pm (IST)

Behind every product, every offer, and every interaction, is our promise to deliver an experience that is as ‘Hatke’ as the deals we offer. We're more than just a store; we're a community of deal hunters, quality seekers, and trendsetters.