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ATD Tools 500 Amp Variable Load Carbon Pile Battery Tester - ATD-5489

ATD Tools 500 Amp Variable Load Carbon Pile Battery Tester - ATD-5489

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This versatile tester is perfect for diagnosing and maintaining your vehicle's battery, alternator, and starter, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Its robust design and user-friendly features make it an essential tool for any automotive enthusiast or professional mechanic.

Key Features:

  • Multi-Function Tester: Tests 12V batteries, alternators, and starters.
  • Battery Testing Capacity: Tests batteries up to 1000 CCA (Cold Cranking Amps).
  • Accurate Readings: Color-coded, temperature-compensated pass/fail bands on the voltmeter provide precise assessment.
  • Separate Ammeter: Enables precise loading of the battery for accurate testing.
  • Secure Connections: Heavy-duty, color-coded clamps ensure secure and reliable connections to the battery.
  • Durable Construction: Encased in a durable steel case for long-lasting use.


  • Voltage: 12 Volt
  • Load Range: 0-500 Amps
  • Cable Length: 43 inches
  • Cable Gauge: #4 Gauge
  • Testing Capabilities:
    • Battery State of Charge
    • Battery Load Test
    • Alternator Output Test
    • Starter Draw Test
  • Cooling Method: Convection
  • Display: Combined Ammeter and Voltmeter for clear readings
  • Feedback: Audible alarm signals the end of the load test, ensuring you don't over-test the battery
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