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Dell PW7015M Power Companion 4 Cell 12000 mAh (NHHRC)

Dell PW7015M Power Companion 4 Cell 12000 mAh (NHHRC)

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The Dell Power Companion is a portable power bank designed to provide reliable power for your Dell laptop and other compatible devices when you're on the go. Here are some key details about the product:


  • Battery Capacity: The Power Companion features a 12,000 mAh four-cell battery, which can provide extended power to your devices.

  • LED Indicator: It has a five-segment LED indicator that clearly displays how much power is left in the battery, allowing you to plan your usage accordingly.

  • Compatibility: The Power Companion is compatible with select Dell computers. However, it requires the installation of the latest BIOS update for compatibility. Refer to the compatibility section for a list of compatible Dell laptops.

  • Charging: The power bank can be easily charged using your Dell power adapter (not included in the box).

  • Included Accessories: In the box, you will find the Dell Power Companion (12,000 mAh) and 2 Dell Notebook Charging Cables.

Please note that this power companion is designed specifically for Dell laptops and may not be compatible with laptops from other manufacturers.

If you own a compatible Dell laptop and need additional power while on the go, the Dell Power Companion can be a convenient solution to keep your devices charged and operational.

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