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Fire & Axe: Viking Saga | Board Game

Fire & Axe: Viking Saga | Board Game

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Power and Glory - or Untold Sorrow: Which Shall Be Your Destiny? Glory and blood are at stake in this lauded and highly sought-after grail game. Fire & Axe is a strategy game full of raiding, trading and ultimate control, which can live on reputation alone. But the latest version features striking, completely redone artwork full of grit and beauty - players will transcend into the Viking world, in all of its tempest glory. Included are 70 minis, each new sculpt has striking detail and is sure to make even the most dedicated of gamers delighted. Each round, players take a turn that consists of seven in-game days to load their ships and send them out to trade with or conquer Europe. There is also a unique mission system that gives all players a chance to complete tasks on mission cards, which when completed, awards bonuses that can tip the scales of battle.

This is a game that spans the time of the Viking Sagas. The epic journeys that led Norsemen to raid, trade and settle over the known and unknown territories of the northern hemisphere. You command your warriors and map out your strategy - only the strongest, most courageous and luckiest will triumph.

The map covers the whole Viking world - the Northern seas, the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean, as well as the waterways of Eastern Europe. It is across this map that each Viking will move his longboat.

Vikings begin their journey taking the necessary time to load crew and goods onto their boat, launching from one of three home ports into the seas and out to take actions either settling, raiding, or trading throughout the foreign ports of the Viking world; picking up points from each. The winner of the game is the Viking who has acquired the most points at the end of the three Sagas.

An innovative "wind" mechanic paired with a seven day-by-day action point selection mechanic and the Viking theme makes this a most unique and interesting pick up and deliver game.

Other Viking Games have come and gone, but one game lived on the lips of gamer’s everywhere: Fire & Axe

The legend returns in a brand new deluxe edition from Pandasaurus Games and IDW Games. Every care has been taken to update this classic game with all new, breathtaking art and design, inimitable miniatures and top notch components.

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