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Rose & Oud by Luxure Fragrances - Aromatic Floral Oud Perfume - Eau De Parfum - Unisex - 50ml

Rose & Oud by Luxure Fragrances - Aromatic Floral Oud Perfume - Eau De Parfum - Unisex - 50ml

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Introducing Rose & Oud, an Eau de Parfum that masterfully intertwines the luxurious richness of oud with the velvety allure of rose. This fragrance is a symphony of contrasts, designed for the refined individual who embraces both the strength and sensitivity within. Rose & Oud is a unisex scent, celebrating the timeless elegance and profound depth that both notes bring to those who wear it.

At the heart of Rose & Oud lies the majestic beauty of the rose, its blossoms unfurling with a sophisticated and almost intoxicating aroma. This floral heart is both delicate and powerful, evoking the multifaceted nature of its wearer. The rose's timeless elegance is elevated by the mysterious and compelling depth of oud, a precious wood resin known for its rich, complex character. Together, these central notes dance in harmony, creating a fragrance that is both captivating and comforting.

The opening of Rose & Oud greets you with a subtle invitation, where lighter, airy notes gently lift the senses, preparing them for the rich journey ahead. This prelude is carefully crafted to complement the intensity of the heart, offering a moment of anticipation before the full experience unfolds.

As the fragrance settles, it reveals a base of warmth and longevity. Notes of amber, musk, and a hint of vanilla provide a soft, enveloping foundation that enhances the opulence of the oud and the sweetness of the rose. This base is a testament to the enduring nature of the fragrance, a lasting impression that remains long after the initial encounter.

Rose & Oud is more than a fragrance; it's an exploration of duality and harmony. It's designed for those who find beauty in the balance of contrasts, who seek to express the richness of their experiences and the depth of their emotions through the scents they choose to wear. With Rose & Oud, embrace a scent that transcends gender, celebrating the unique essence of every individual.

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